Sailing from Panama to Mexico
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Manifesting changes and transforming life

There are ample opportunities all around us everyday to choose to improve and enhance our life and live better.  Through these choices, our body can become healthier, our spirits  can open up,  and our minds can develop new ideas that lead to greater  workability. By working and playing in a world dedicated to a brighter future, our children will be guaranteed a rich inheritance.
Our primary focus at Holisticworld is on using the senses for healing.  By accentuating all that is around us, being mindful of the energies at play, we then allow the body's healing process to do it's job. Yes, it does take patience and perseverance for it all to work.

Everyone can make a difference
Whether you are an experienced practicioner or someone new to this world of healing through the senses, welcome and enjoy. Defining' holistic health'  brings on a better understanding of us and our environment. 
Holistic Health is a wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. We are talking about the essence of who you are--the core self.
It is in the world of natural attraction that the body seeks it's healing from Nature. This innate intelligence tells us that when the healing is going on, we are healing the planet all around us. This is the difference everyone can make.

Yes, it is a wonderful great big world, it's the world we live in.........feel it, smell it, listen, taste it and above all, see it.
Nature provides us with the senses so when asking ourselves when will we wake up to these invaluable gifts? Here at Holisticworld, awakening to all of that is available, being cognizant of our treasures within is our intention, our goal and purpose while here on Mother Earth.
The crux of our investment in holistic health is the whole, the entire environment of one's life. From where you live and how, to relationships and careers, it is important that all aspects of well-being be looked upon. Whatever one might call it, detoxify or purification, getting through and beyond any current roadblocks will yield a new outlook at life. The feeling of really being alive, experiencing all that one can is what we at Holisticworld support. It is the totality of one's world and not separating from that.

Michael's Story
It has been a fortunate gift for me to enjoy mountaineering in my youth. By being exposed to Nature, my well-being was rewarded with peace, tranquility and comfort, all forms of coming from the life force of Mother Earth.  As one interest led to another, trail running in the mountains became a spiritual endeavor. It was when I took up sailing did it all come together, that I knew the earth had great healing powers.
I gave up the pursuit of the material world and that of seeking wealth. Knowing through experience and wisdom that disconnecting from these rewards of the earth would  satisfy and  heal. The experience of being fully alive,  feeling the bitter cold of mountain summits, the biting wind of sailing and the magic of gliding through the forest on a run endorsed my lifelong search of peace of mind and wholeness in all ways.

Michael D Berry
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